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Gluten Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet

The Gluten free diet consists of removing any foods from your Autistic child's diet that contain Gluten. This can seem hard at first because so many foods do have Gluten in them. Gluten is originate in most prepared foods. Foods containing wheat, barley, oats, or rye need to be eliminated from the diet. Gluten can also be found in some vinegars and sauces. Artificial flavorings often contain Gluten.

When using the Gluten free diet you have to be judicial and read whole enchilada labels on foods. Gluten can be reputation foods you would not think of, like spices. The theory behind removing Gluten from an Autistic child's diet is that when the child eats a food with Gluten it causes their body to react differently than a child without Autism.

The Gluten free diet can be expensive to follow. Most Gluten free products are sold in specialty, or health stores. These stores usually charge a enormously and price. Some major grocery stores are now carrying Gluten free products. You can boast Gluten free flour, pancake mix, waffles, cookies, snacks, and many other foods. Most parents find out it is cheaper to produce their own Gluten free food. Recipes can be found on the internet, or in Gluten free cookbooks. Some parents go together with another family following the Gluten free diet and engage in bulk. Wherefore they share the foods. This can help lower the costs of the Gluten free items.

Autistic children following a Gluten free diet can eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nut, eggs, and products mythical with gluten free ingredients. It can be hard to keep a child from eating their favorite snacks, and treats. Some of these can be made by using Gluten free products. Muffins and cookies can be fabricated from Gluten free flour. It just takes some getting used to the new way of eating.

Regularly individuals following a Gluten free diet will remove faultless dairy ( Casein ) products from their diet as well. You can find out if your Autistic child has an allergy to a certain diet by having allergy testing done. The doctor can perform for this testing.

If you are going to try the Gluten free diet with your child you have to be prepared to follow certain for varied months to tell if it is going to make any alteration. Gluten remains in the body for a long time. Most people do not give the diet a long enough befall to pains. Trying it for a week or two will not give the body enough time to remove any remaining Gluten from its system. Some people do however see improvements right away in their Autistic child.

If you want to find more information about Gluten free dieting there are several books available. Visit your local library, or book store to find one. To find Gluten free recipes try searching online using your favorite search engine. The Gluten free diet will not work with every autistic child. The majority of the children that show improvement had a sensitivity to the gluten to begin with.

The Gluten free diet is not a cure for Autism. It is used to help lesson the symptoms of Autism.


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