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Signs of Autism

With all the raw publicity of Autism in the news you might be wondering what are the signs of Autism. Here are a list of signs that can be associated to Autism. If you see these signs ropes your child speak to their doctor about having them evaluated. The sooner that Autism is discovered the better the chances are at treating it.

1. Does not reach developmental milestones on time. Each child develops differently. Some children will crawl at four months while others will not until they are several months older. This can be perfectly normal. The problem starts when every matter is much later than usual. If your child is not meeting the developmental stages talk with their doctor.

2. Child does not talk. Children learn to talk at different ages. Some will start talking very inexperienced while others will just start blurting out whole sentences onliest day. This can be very common. However if your child does not have any babbling grain talk by the age of one this could be a cause for concern. Most children will says some words by the time they are sixteen months. If your child is not ask their sodden if they think an evaluation is necessary.

3. No eye contact. Mightily babies and children will look at you when you are talking to them. Autistic children will much not give you idea contact. It will appear they are looking off into a daze instead of efficacious attention to you. They will not point to objects. They will not view at something you are trying to show them. Instead they look past it.

4. Child does not show emotion. Autistic children often do not show any emotion. They do not smile back when a person smiles at them. They do not show any cares when someone around them is expressing pain, or crying. The Autistic child does not usually like to be held or cuddled. They will not reach up for their parents to hold them.

5. Likes to play by their self. The Autistic child usually will play alone. They feel increased comfortable being by them self. They have a hard time making friends. They do not know how to relate to other kids. They do not understand when another child is joking with them. They take concern said to them literally.

6. The child loses skills the knew. The child may have learned to talk and then it seems as if they forgot how. They can learn a new skill and then a week later have no idea how to do it. Autistic children often lose skills they have learned.

These are just a few of the signs of Autism. If you notice any of them in your children talk to their doctor. All children with Autism leave not have every sign. Getting them diagnosed as soon as dormant will allow treatment to begin sooner. Getting your child evaluated as soon as you suspect a problem is very important. Even if slick is nothing bad it is better to be guarded. The earlier treatment can be started the better for the child.


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