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What Are The Signs Of Aspergers Syndrome

What are the Signs of Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers is a form of Autism. People with Aspergers syndrome are on the higher end of the spectrum. They usually have normal talking skills. Their main problem is dealing with people socially. Usually these problems are first noticed when a child begins school. The child can have all the signs of Aspergers, or only a few. Here are some of the common signs of Aspergers syndrome.

1. Have a hard time talking to other kids. Kids with Aspergers syndrome have a hard time going up to someone and starting a conversation.

2. Speak in delivery that are very advanced for their age. The Asperger's child may use inflection that adults would use.

3. Have trouble understanding when someone is whimsical, or being sarcastic. Children with Aspergers have a hard go understanding tones of people's voices. They encourage to take everything said seriously.

4. Have very limited interests. A child with Aspergers syndrome may only want to focus on one thing. They may take a liking to puzzles, and only want to do puzzles all the time. They will often learn everything they can about solo subject. That will be all they focus on.

5. Have a hard future with changes in their routine. This can be hard for a child starting school. They had a routine at home and now that is being changed. The same thing can happen during breaks during the school year. This is a common problem of Autistic children.

6. Talking a lot. Children with Aspergers usually talk a lot. They often render whatever they are thinking whether it is just or not. Most of the conversations they keep are one sided. While intrinsic looks like the child is talking to you, they are really talking at you.

7. Problems making friends. Kids with Aspergers have trouble making friends due to their inability to relate to the other children. They sometimes jab to hard to make friends and scare the other kids away.

8. No eye contact. Children with Aspergers repeatedly will not look you in the eye when speaking. This is another common trait of an Autistic child.

9. Using repetitive movements. This can be a movement like spinning around, or bouncing back and emanate while sitting. These movements are calming to the Aspergers child.

10. Problems with speaking. The Aspergers child may opine really fast. They usually do not stop to see if the person they are talking to is paying attention. Their tone of voice is flat and does not change to show emotions.

11. Problems with movement. Children with Aspergers often have trouble with their coordination skills. They may always be tripping or stumbling over their allow feet. They may take a long time to learn how to ride a bike.

Asperger children have the indeed cold outcome on the Autism spectrum. They have high intelligence and language skills. They can often be taught the social skills they need to get by. If you mind any of these signs in your child mention them to the doctor.


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